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I spent 12 years of my childhood and teenage years in the grounds of Miriam College. I know every nook and cranny of these buildings. But one look at these pictures, they are barely recognizable. Wow! It totally transformed. Makes me want to pay a visit and check it out myself.

Guess which is which before. I can barely recognize!

miriamStill not sure where this is…

miriam-2this one is at the clinic entrance

miriam-4the clinic entrance

miriam-3I’m guessing this is where the little rotonda is located and where we spend most of our time practicing our pieces from choral fest to other high school group activities

miriam-5Where is this??

Photos grabbed from Katre, which she grabbed from Anna.

Happy Bday my Bachingching

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Dear Baby Sachi,

It’s been 60 days since you got out of the watery world of mommy’s tummy. You have jingled, burped, pooped and spit up into our hearts. You made Mommy and Daddy’s relationship stronger. You are so behaved. Not to mention super cute and adorable. We love you to pieces. Mama is spoiling you, even if she says she’s not. She buys milk by bulk, and diapers too. She also wants you to be chubby. As in wag ka daw gugutumin, pag umiyak, milk milk milk. She must be happy coz no doubt you are!
minnie mouse

Since Mommy noticed how you love to stare at your Minnie Mouse doll taped on top of your crib, she got you these little cupcakes and had it personalized. I also dressed you up in your Disney Minnie Mouse onesie. I wanted to put on your Leg Huggers but it’s too hot. Maybe tonight when we’re at Mama’s room.

Aren’t your cuppies lovely? πŸ™‚

sachi's 2nd month cuppies

I don’t know what’s wrong, but you haven’t sleep for a good 30 minutes since this morning. That’s weird because you love sleeping. You keep on crying and making ingit too. Today is a special day because it’s your 2nd month birthday, but I knew something will be different from the other days because this morning, you pooped. And you don’t poop in the morning. From then on, you’ll sleep for a few minutes and wake up crying. I got your temperature but it’s 36.5 so you’re perfectly normal. I hope nothing is seriously wrong. Maybe you just want to be awake on the day of your bday. Must be it, right honey?




What we have for your bday: a tiramisu cake from 2 days ago when grandma nanay visited, a huge sansrival ice cream, baked spaghetti that mama baked the other day, truffles ice cream and the cuppies. Mama is also making kakanin now. That spells F-A-T.

We love you our bachingching! Happy birthday! Mommy wishes you nothing but good health at this point in your life. Love love love!

lots of huggin’ and kissin’,


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boxing_anyoneBoxing anyone? πŸ™‚

Happy 2nd Month Baby Sachi!


We love you bachingching! You’re ubber pretty and adorably cute my little angel. I can squeeze you to bits. (AY! hahaha!)

sachi-and-her-minnie-mouse-sleepsuitSachi’s sleepsuit from tita Concie. I thought Sachi won’t be able to use this coz of it’s fabric, pang lamig tlga. But then Mama’s a/c in her room gets really freezing cold so this outfit didn’t go to waste. Plus, Sachi loves staring at her Minnie Mouse stuff toy (that we consequently taped on her crib), so this sleep suit is so fitting πŸ™‚

My baby bilog…

who loves being talked to and smiles a lot

Sachi-notables during her 2nd month:


  • not only smiles often during her sleep, but her smile is turning into a giggle. Now has a sound. I will wake up checking on her thinking she’s crying only to find out she’s smiling while sleeping
  • poops only at the end of the day
  • cries with a distinct tone when she wants more milk
  • can finish 3 oz in one feeding
  • has very strong neck
  • has this big red bukol on her right butt… most probably the BCG
  • had 3 vaccines all at the same time, and cried only for a few seconds. Milk is her cryptonite
  • loves to sleep, rest and just chill on her bouncer
  • has occasional coughs
  • has hiccups at least twice a day. Can occur as often as 4 times a day
  • is still a sneezer
  • loves being talked to and already responds with a big smile or a baby sound
  • said her first 2 syllable word “agoo”
  • is super ututin! as in she farts loud and very often. sometimes even during feeding. (it’s a good thing they say, di sya kabagin)
  • still has rashes but not as red as before and not as obvious. You’d only know when you touch her face.
  • loves taking a bath now. She has a clean water tub and a soapy water basin. Mama puts lactacyd on her basin and uses Cetaphil for her head and body. She loves her tub with clean water and spacious enough for her to “swim”.
  • loves burrowing. She’s like an uod burrowing in your chest to your kilikili during burp time.

Vital Stats: 23 inches long, weight to follow

Babae po ako

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sachi-looks-like-a-boyYes po, babae po ako. Although I barely have hair, I’m wearing a blue longsleeves onesie and a not so girly girly leg hugger, I am a girlaloo. πŸ™‚

Long sleeves onesie from GAP (or RL?) I don’t know coz I can’t find the tag – leg huggers from tinytots, plain white booties and mittens from SM baby company

girl po ako_sachiChillin’ in my bouncer

It’s a good thing mama’s aircon is really cold, I get to dress up Sachi in “winter” clothes. Hehe! Sayang kc her clothes, it’s summer na and makakalakihan na nya. So talgang pinagpipilitan ko silang isuot.

Yaaaawn. Goodnight!

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03242009_baby_sachi“With my cozy sleepsuit, it’s going to be a snooozzzy sleep at Mama’s bed”

Thanks tita Jenny for my Hallmark sleepsuit

In a Week…

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  • I’ll be going back to work
  • I won’t have as much time well spent with Sachi
  • You won’t see me lying in my bed 24/7
  • I’ll wake up at 5 in the morning. What I hate most is dragging myself to take a shower this early
  • I’ll still be in front of the computer (8 hours on the net)
  • I’ll be sitting most of the time instead of lying down
  • I’ll be confined in my little qube in an a/c room (buti nlng, kc ang ineeeet na tlga ngayon. Saves electricity at home. haha!)
  • You’ll see me often at Shangrila
  • I’ll miss Sachi even more

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