I thought the worst part is over… going into labor.

I was happy I made it. I made it via Normal Delivery. My baby is healthy, normal and so cute. I am all well.

Have I known there is more to this journey after getting out of the hospital, I could have been more cautious.

The story — I was admitted back at the hospital after a week due to a hematoma which needs to be evacuated. Original plan is an out-patient procedure, then my doctor advised for an overnight hospital stay for monitoring. I don’t know why, but when I found out I had to undergo another surgery, I felt so down. To think that this is nothing compared to the other surgeries I’ve had in the course of 5 months. I am just so drained that I can no longer take any more hospital stay, more so another OR procedure.

But I couldn’t do anything so I agreed to have it evacuated to get it over and done with. Unfortunately, what we thought would be an easy procedure and a fast recovery is the total opposite. I was sent to the delivery room twice in a day and spent my first night in the recovery room. My doctor wasn’t familiar with my case as I am the only patient she had that got this “problem”. She had to consult with other OB-gynes, I even had an oncologist looking after me.

There’s never a day I didn’t cry in the hospital. I cried coz of pain, coz of discomfort, but mostly, because I was just so tired. Being hospitalized is so draining. In a span of 5 months, I’ve been admitted 4 times. This procedure is the least painful and yet this is where I am giving up.

It’s been a long hard week. 7 days in the hospital. I am grateful to my hunny who never left my side. He is my emotional support, my pillar of strength. To my doctor who was very attentive, caring and exerted extra effort to make me feel better, clinically and emotionally. To my parents who I know were hurting while I am hurting, for the love and support. Thank you. I love you dearly.

Today is the start of a brand new week, I believe the worst part is over.