At times when we are about to give up, God sends us a message.

I didn’t know how I could go on, how I could last another day in the hospital. I was literally just drained. I cannot hold myself from crying. No matter what people around me say, it just leads to the fact that I am lying in the hospital, with no 100% assurance that everything will work out well. Time is what we need.

On TV, May Bukas Pa is showing at Channel 2. The little kid who talks to “bro”, to God asked for his friend to get well. The conversation is something like this:

Kid: Bro, wag mo pa kuhanin si Joy..
God: Naniniwala ka ba na gagaling si Joy
Kid: Opo
God: Maniwala ka lang

It’s a blur but the conversation is something like that. Those words struck me hard. It’s as if God talked to me. Words I needed to hear at the exact time.

Thank You Papa Jesus.