• It’s our first day back at work, and despite the workload, I am  “stress-less-ly” taking my time finishing my work.
  • Pepper Lunch for lunch! Yum!
  • Got my daily choco fix plus a Lindt truffle — their Halloween special is a combination of white and milk chocolate. I couldn’t ask for a better mix.
  • Our Graco set arrived — at the port (waiting for delivery)
  • Maternity leave filed and scheduled


  • I just realized I spent around $550 for the total amount of our Graco stuff! What should have been a good buy is now starting to feel like a major mistake. Napamahal pa yta kami 😦

Well, its a lesson learned. If no one is bringing your packages home, don’t try to ship them — more so in 2 over sized boxes! AND not all the way from the East. ARGH! (Really ranting now…)