Our Little Angel Has Arrived


Sachi at Nursery, Med City

January 26, 2009

— The day my baby decided to finally meet Daddy and Mommy.

The morning of the Chinese new year, I had 2-min regular contractions with 10 minutes interval. It never stopped so I decided to go to the hospital. I was hesitant at first because just the other day, there weren’t any progress with my weekly check-up. We were even considering a c-section if nothing happens in a span of one week. But because I never felt dysmenorrhea-pains like this with distinct intervals, there must be something.

Indeed. Not just something. Turned out to be everything.

At 1pm, I was already 5cm. There is no turning back, I am going to be admitted. Today is THE day.

Spent around 30mins at the Pre-labor room, probably around 3 1/2 hours at the labor room, then I got transferred to the delivery room. At exactly 5:02pm, Isabel Sachi is born =)

Sachi's Certificate of Birth from Hospital

First few pictures of our bundle of joy:

Sachi's right dimple

Sachi_close up

Sachi at home

On a Hiatus…

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and it was indeed…


a hard labor.

I’ll write about this most wonderful experience soon!

My little-me is calling for me =)


Isn’t the color lovely?

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This is going to be the color of my bridesmaid dresses. FINAL 🙂


Be forwarned: Its easy to duplicate a key

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We had our car key duplicated at Shangri-la this morning. In a matter of 3 minutes, we have a duplicate key! Wow. It’s that easy to duplicate a car key. I thought paperworks or some evidence should be provided.

I can’t help but wonder, if I leave my key, lets say in a valet service, or a carwash, they can instantly create a duplicate. Free car for them eh?

Just be forwarned. In less than 5 minutes, your car keys can easily be duplicated. Know who you leave your car keys with. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Shoot. Fickly Fickle Mind

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It’s a few months away. Since I am giving birth soon (we’re counting days) I know that time will fly so fast.

Major dilemma.

I wanted rich and vibrant colors, so I opted for emerald green and gold. But now, I’m having a change of mind. I want purple. A mix of purple and green with a vintage touch. Vintage would be a collaboration of modern Filipiniana and the elements of a classic vintage.


I have to make up my mind fast. I’ll be doing invites soon. I need to finalize my color motif and my theme. I’m now gearing towards a scrapbook vintage theme using the purple-green color motif.

My new color motif:


Gosh. I think I need help.

Quest for Lechon


We’re planning to serve lechon as an extra dish for our wedding. Di pwedeng mawala ang lechon. It’s just so yummy and festive!

Which lechon house carries the best? That’s what we’ll soon find out. Below is the list of lechon stores that we are planning to try.

(At the back of my mind: Gosh. How can I lose weight when now pa lang, Sachi still in my tummy, I’m planning na these sort of things. Ohwell. I’m actually craving now for a crispy balat ng lechon. But I have to watch my blood pressure, have to wait til I give birth before I dive into this kind of food)

1) Sabroso Lechon

sabroso More

Graco stuff – just in!

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Yay! Finally got our crib, stroller and car seat 🙂

We’ve assembled our Travel Alano system (stroller and car seat). So cute! We’ll probably wait a few more days to set-up the crib so dust won’t set in before Sachi can actually use it. (But if you ask me, I want to set it up NOW) :-p

THISIS IT! Just a few more days… I dunno what to feel!

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