Christmas is Family


Since I couldn’t travel far, we had to change our annual Christmas celebration. After 25 years, it’s only this year that we celebrated Christmas in the city.

The difference — well, there weren’t any relatives coming in and out of our door every minute to ask for their pamasko (which I missed by the way). There was no get together with the Placido clan as we were miles away from the mango farm (where we usually spend our christmas afternoon). No “surprise” visit at mommy baby’s house to eat their handa. No house visits to relatives.

But we had our noche buena for the first time. At the right time that is. We usually just eat dinner on the 24th and the mornng of the 25th, but this time, we were awake at midnight. We weren’t all dressed up though, and we only had spaghetti, barbecue, cake, chocolates and buco pandan on the table. Nevertheless, this Christmas is as meaningful as it can ever be.

Remove all the glitters and the chaos of the Christmas past, that is my Christmas ’08. This Christmas was celebrated in the most simple and meaningful way, with the people who matter most, my immediate family and my family — with Sachi kicks and Hunny hugs — I couldn’t ask for more 🙂