We’ve put off baby shopping for months, settling for window shopping. We’ve put it off for several reasons. First, I am not sure if my baby checklist is complete and correct. Second, with the variety of choices, I am not sure what to get. Third, we wanted to do the shopping after the baby shower so we’re sure that we’ll be buying stuff we won’t receive as gifts.

Now that the baby shower is over, I’m still not confident on my list and my preference, but I’m already on my 8th month. I have to do it NOW.

And so we finally did! Below is my shopping list with corresponding prices. If you go for the branded ones, they are quite expensive. I suggest you get gGeneric ones for everyday house use. You just have to choose which among the generic brands have good quality.

Mall: Robinsons Galleria (although SM has a better baby section and lots of variety to choose from, Galle had 10% discount on selected items so we started to shop here)

Chicco bottle brush (3-in-1: thongs, brush for bottles and brush for accessories and teats): Php 369.75
Chicco nasal aspirator: Php 219.75
4 pcs Avent 4 oz bottles: Php 499.75 each
2 pcs Avent teat (medium flow): Php 379.75
Chicco sterilizer: Php 1999.75
2 pcs Enfant gold milk container: Php 109.75 each
1 pc Springtime rubber mat: Php 79.75


2 pcs Enfant tie-sides (sleeveless): Php 249.75 each
3 pcs Enfant tie-sides (w/ sleeve) – white: Php 249.75 to Php 259.75 each
For everyday house use:
6 pcs Baby Armstrong tie-sides short sleeves: Php 97.75 per set of 3
3 pcs Baby Armstrong tie-sides long sleeves: Php 99.75
1 pc Baby Armstrong tie-sides hooded receiving blanket (white): Php 149.7
1 pc Baby Armstrong tie-sides hooded receiving blanket (pink): Php 163.75
6 pairs of mittens (white): Php 41.75 per set of 3
2 pairs of booties (white): Php 14.75 each pair
6 pcs Snoopy bib/cloth wipe: Php 130 per set of 3


To sum it all up, here’s my baby list italicized are what I have so far:
If anyone reads this and notice I lack something essential, please let me know 🙂

12 pcs onesies – my baby organizer book says 4-8 bodysuits (these are onesies or tie-sides). I don’t think that’s enough as babies change often a day right? But I think I bought too much so enough onesies and tie-side shopping for Sachi 🙂
19 pcs tie-sides: variety of long sleeves, short sleeves and sleeveles
3 pcs sleepsuits/PJs
4 pcs of 0-3 months dresses
8 pairs of booties
a baby hat
3 pairs of mittens
2 pairs of socks
3 pcs receving blankets
2 pcs swaddling blanket

1 inflatable tub
2 hooded blankets (soft and absorbent)
a wash mitt and 3 small washcloths

Bottle for warm water – For diaper changing water needs
6 pcs baby washcloths
Baby shampoo – I have to research first on what brand is good for babies
Bath soap – Same concern with shampoo
Bath toys

Bottle Sterilizer
3-in-1 Bottle brush
6 pcs bibs

4 pcs 4oz bottles
They say newborns feed every 3 to 4 hours and that we’ll need 4 oz bottles at first instead of the 8 oz ones.
Extra teats (medium flow)the teats included in the bottle are for newborns (slow flow) so I opted to buy 2 extra medium flow teats.
A week supply of formula – We’re still figuring out what milk brand is best for Sachi
Bottle warmer – This will be handy for night feedings so we won’t need to boil water for the formula. This is on my to buy list but I have to make sure it will fit the Avent bottles which are big.
8 pcs burp cloths

Disposable diapers – haven’t bought one yet as I’m not sure which one will work best for Sachi (comfortable fit, no rashes, etc). My organizer says expect to use about 10 diapers a day, so we might need 70 diapers for the first week.
Diaper pail – this is on my to buy list as I want a bin that will seal dirty diaper odor.
Cloth diapers – I’m still not sure if I’ll be using cloth diapers at least maybe once in a while. If so, I would need its accessories as well, including diaper covers and diaper pins/clips.
Cloth like paper towels – to use for the first few weeks before switching to baby wipes
Baby wipes – haven’t bought as well coz I want to make sure I’ll be buying a good brand that suits Sachi’s skin.
Wipes and diaper holder – I’m plannign to buy this for convenience and clutter-free diapering.
Diaper organizer/Diaper Depot – I want one as I am all for the organized and clutter-free style.
Waterproof changing pad

Health and Hygiene:
Grooming set this includes nail grooming set, tootbrush and soft brush and comb
Nasal aspirator
Medicine cabinet and content
– After talking with my OB and Pediatrician, I’d have to update this medicine cabinet list. But from my baby organizer, items include rectal thermometer, petroleum jelly, sterile cotton, cotton swabs, sterile gauze pads, tweezers, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic ointment, diaper rash ointment (with zinc oxide), calamine lotion, infant oral medicine dropper to measure medications, nasal aspirator and saline nose drops.

Crib and play pen with diaper changing table and musical mobile
1 Mattress comforter
1 Baby pillow and 2 bolsters
1 Soft blanket

Toy bin/basket
Waterproof crib liner
Baby hangers

Stuffed animals and dolls
Baby bouncer
Crib Activity Center
Activity Gym or Activity Mat
2 Pacifiers
Developmental Toys

On the go:
2 Diaper bags
2 Powdered formula containers
Car seat
Travel case for wipes
Soft baby carrier/baby sling

*Baby organizer I’m using is a gift from a friend — Getting Ready for Baby: The Ultimate Organizer for the Mon-to-Be by Helene Tragos Stelian