YearEnd Party

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Damuhos is spelled F-U-N and synonymous with L-A-U-G-H-T-E-R




Thank you damuhos for the gift of friendship. This year has taught us great lessons. May we all have a blessed year ahead. Each and everyone in this group deserve it.


Christmas in the City

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Christmas is Family


Since I couldn’t travel far, we had to change our annual Christmas celebration. After 25 years, it’s only this year that we celebrated Christmas in the city.

The difference — well, there weren’t any relatives coming in and out of our door every minute to ask for their pamasko (which I missed by the way). There was no get together with the Placido clan as we were miles away from the mango farm (where we usually spend our christmas afternoon). No “surprise” visit at mommy baby’s house to eat their handa. No house visits to relatives.

But we had our noche buena for the first time. At the right time that is. We usually just eat dinner on the 24th and the mornng of the 25th, but this time, we were awake at midnight. We weren’t all dressed up though, and we only had spaghetti, barbecue, cake, chocolates and buco pandan on the table. Nevertheless, this Christmas is as meaningful as it can ever be.

Remove all the glitters and the chaos of the Christmas past, that is my Christmas ’08. This Christmas was celebrated in the most simple and meaningful way, with the people who matter most, my immediate family and my family — with Sachi kicks and Hunny hugs — I couldn’t ask for more 🙂

Starbucks Planner Over the Years

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Just when I thought I couldn’t get a Starbucks planner this year, I got one as a Christmas gift 🙂

Thanks to my brother and his friends, who’ll be awake the whole year round. hehe.
Being the organized and forgetful person that I am, I religiously use my planners. I actually use it both as a scheduler and a journal.

2006-and-2009The 2009 planner is an improved version of their 2006 edition. Bookmark is better, and the hard cover is textured

My planners over the years (2006 to 2009

2008-insideFinishing the last few days of my 2008 planner, My most significant year so far

2007-insideTravel Photo Planner, My 2007 planner full of photos from work, gimmicks and travels. My most memorable year — with my Holy Land and US visit

2006-insideWork and Play, My 2006 planner which I used for school purposes during my Masteral program, scheduling endless gimmicks to celebrate the last year of schooling, and the start of my career.

My New Toy

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Meet Sawyer


Christmas in Manila

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After 25 years, I’m finally celebrating Christmas the Manila way. I can no longer make it to a 4-hour travel , so my family decided to celebrate Christmas here in Manila. This is a first.

Merry Christmas!
Have a feast this Christmas eve! 🙂

Cute Onesies for Sachi

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One of the blogs I frequently read is
     Keeps me entertained in the office.
     I envy her work lifestyle, comparing the “confinement” in my qube 8 hours a day. Sigh.

So anyway, I chance upon these cute artsy onesies for babies in one of her entries. At Php650, which I think is quite expensive for a piece, you get to have a retro looking onesies that will surely catch everyone’s attention (As if babies aren’t attention grabbing as they already are). For a unique onesies, I guess it’s worth it. It is made by googooandgaga, proudly designed and made in the Philippines.

I’m giving birth soon, got loads of newborn apparels that I promised not to buy anything more…

dinosaur-tongueHow can I resist?


NAMA – Royce’ Chocolate

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Who ever said that the Philippines is a third world country?

A thousand pesos for a PotatoChip and six hundred pesos for several chunks of chocolate, how can we be third world?


Royce’, considered as the Rolls Royce of Chocolates just opened at PowerPlant. The swarm of people buying will make you think that we are not affected by the economic crisis. At all.

just-this-bigWell, I am one of those curious people who want to try regardless of any economic or personal crisis. Hehe. (read: save up for the things that matter)

My curiosity just needs to be satisified. This is considered as the Rolls Royce of chocolates, how can I not resist buying it. I’ve been waiting for this moment. This is an exception to any rule I’ve made to save up and be practical.



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