My brother, Daniel needs his passport renewed as he has plans of going to the US for his club, Kundirama, performance. Since he is renewing his passport, I might as well renew mine and the rest of my family members’.

I know that the new passport being issued is machine readable, the reason why I searched the net for what could be the new process.


I found this online passport renewal site that is very convenient, especially needed in my case now that I am pregnant. They will pick up your old passport, deliver the new passport and schedule your personal appearance — all at your preferred date. Although a personal appearance is still required, doing the process under this site gives you access to a priority lane, which will take you about 30 minutes at DFA (or at least that’s what they advertise).

To know more about requirements, online application form and tracking, you can go to DFA Express Passport Delivery webiste or call their hotline (02) 737-1000.

LBC also has a passport renewal service that offers the same convenience. It’s called Philipine Passport Express, online website is


They also have a step-by-step procedure on how to renew your passport via their hotline and LBC branches, plus a link on the downloadable application form.

Both services of LBC and DFA Express Passport offers convenience. I’d say if you are tech savvy and is used to dealing with online transactions, then DFA Express Passport is for you. Call the hotline, fill up the online application form, ready all requirements and just wait for the courier to pick up the required documents plus yoru signature and thumbmark, the required fees and you’re all set!

For LBC, you need to go to your nearest LBC branch, fill up the application form, submit all requirements, pay the necessary fee and voila, you’re all set! I guess the only difference is that on the DFA Express, you do it at the comfort of your own home with the online application and all, while for LBC, you still need to go to one of their branches. But then LBC branches are like mushrooms, sprouted in every nook and corner. So I guess it’s just a matter of where you are more comfortable. Oh! and the fee… DFA Express Passport’s fee is Php1,300. I have yet to find out LBC’s 🙂

LBC’s telephone passport express also costs Php1,300 for passport renewal