My Favorite Chocolates

I don’t like milk, but I love white chocolates! In high school, I used to love Hershey’s cookies and cream chocolates, from nuggets to bars. White chocolates can sometimes be nakakaumay, but the little bits of cookies in Hershey’s cookies n creme adds up to the perfect texture of the white chocolate. I remember eating the chocolate by melting it using my tongue and leaving the cookie bits until I only have small round cookie bits left in my mouth 🙂

cookies n creme

Other plain white chocolates I went gaga with during high school and college:


1. Cadbury Dream

I’ve never really craved for this chocolate recently. I actually forgot I loved it until this entry. Come to think of it, it seems like I don’t see this at chocolate shelves in supermarkets. I wouldn’t have forgotten about it if it is visible. Hmmm, did they stop producing this?

2. Marks & Spencer Swiss White Chocolate

I go to Marks & Spencer not for their clothes but for their white choclates! Haven’t bought one recently so I’m not sure if they are still out in the market. I also couldn’t find any image on the web.

Now, I’ve got a whole new list of favorite chocolates. Here’s what I am loving now, and for sure, I’ll be loving for all time. Yummmmmm!

3. Sing your heart out with Symphony Giant Bars – Blue bar: with Tofee Almond; Red bar: plain milk chocolatesymphony-blue1

I love Symphony bars! This is the first milk chocolate that I loved. I always preferred white chocolates over milk chocolates but this changed my preference. Symphony is smooth and creamy, the toffee almonds is a twist on the regular peanuts or hazelnuts usually mixed with chocolates. This blue bar is hard to find in supermarkets, the red one is almost always 100% available. But I love both anyways! 🙂

4. Mooo with Milka Chocolates


This Alpine chocolate from Kraft is super smooth and creamy! Every bite leaves you wanting for more. It’s texture adds up to the fact that it is not sugary candy sweet; the right blend of chocolate taste that won’t leave ants crawling in your teeth (so to speak). I only get to buy them out of the country and in Duty Free shops. I wonder why it’s not available in groceries and supermarkets?

5. Lindt Lindor Truffles – You can never go wrong with truffles


These Swiss chocolates are HEAVENLY! I have the first two packs at home, super deli! The liquid filling and the shell is so smooth and creamy. (Notice I describe all of my faves as smooth and creamy. hahahaha! 🙂 ) The truffle ball is just the right size to pop in your mouth, a practical way to enjoy a mouthwatering chocolate treat! not to mention the road to fatness… haha!

I’ll be updating this list as I discover and enjoy yummy yummy mouthwatering chocolates 🙂