I’m such a fan of Persian cuisine, I love kebabs and pitas.


Sunday, on our way home from QC, we decided to pass by Ababu, this little persian store along Xavierville. First look on their menu, hmmm.. looks yummy! Same menu as Behrouz but at a lower price.

I haven’t eaten kebabs for several months as I am pregnant. You know how the preparation look so untidy and all? I didn’t feel like eating it for a few months, but now, I’m back to my old cravings.

And so we ordered 3 kebabs, 3 pitas, 1 shawarma, 2 shawarma extras, kebab with butter rice, and 2 orders of onion and tomatoes. Yum! The food is good, nothing spectacular, it’s your average kebab place at an affordable price. If you want a fix of a Persian craving, this could very well satisfy your buds without compromising your budget.


The next day was my “episode-day”. I’m not so sure what caused my super duper upset stomach. This kebab-fest for dinner or the lasagna I ate for breakfast. But then again, JM ate what I ate, whatever caused it, it’s because of my sensitive pregnancy I guess. Now I have to be more careful…