Baby Kaed Quilted Sanya Diaper Bag – Dusty Rose & Chocolate

I saw this baby bag at Rustan’s but didn’t have the heart to place it on my wishlist as it seems pricey for a diaper bag, around Php 6k. But now that I’ve looked around, even checked out my first option (baby couture line), I can’t seem to like anything but this!

Well, there’s that Louis Vuitton and Burberry diaper bags I previously posted, but those, as I’ve concluded are way out of this world. This is what comes close and I reallly like it. 

So why didn’t I place it on my wishlist? It’s just a wish anyways, it’s not like I’m pressuring people to buy it for me. Hmm maybe I can slip of Jm’s watch and go back for a quick list update? Or not. I’ve been very persistent and always dragging him along that I think another baby registry word that comes out of my mouth will send thunder to his nerves. haha. Oh well.

I’m raving. I want this. I hope Mr. Jorge of the registry stumbles on this blog and adds this to my list. Maybe adding it on my list will make my mouth shut. Hmmm… I can probably give him a call…