Since my BFC (read: best friends) have decided to take matters in their own hands, I only have the favors and the registry to think about. Rustan’s is down, I still have SM to go πŸ™‚

Given that it is a Sunday and the holidays is just around the corner, I should have expected the swarm of people and the traffic jam. It really wasn’t traffic on the way to the mall, but within the vicinity of SM Megamall, cars piled up on the entrance as guards roam around with cards saying “Full Parking”. The sign didn’t bother us that much because it was already 330pm and we knew there will be people leaving. Good thing our instincts were right, indeed there were a lot of people packing stuff in their cars ready to leave, giving us free parking spots. Whew.

Inside the mall, the number of people were headache causing so we headed straight to the baby department and started our wish list. Unlike at Rustan’s, here, we were assisted all throughout the process. I don’t know if I like it better or not. I like the idea that the SA is suggesting things for my list and doing all the writing, but it’s not comfortable roaming around with someone tagging along. I feel conscious of the things I am registering. And as a first time mom-to-be, I don’t exactly know what I need, I feel like I’m being watched on something I am not confident in doing. I want to take time and ponder on the things I want and need, and having someone watching and waiting for you does not really help. (Plus, can I just rant that she isn’t exactly the person you want to talk to face to face… she has… how do I say it in a nice way… she forgot to brush her teeth? But to give credit to her, she’s nice and accommodating) Oh well, despite that, I guess I did made a good newborn essential list, although I could have added more to give choices.

What I remember from my list:

4 tie-die shirt (white, yellow, purple, pink)
4 tie-die shirt with sleeves (white, yellow, purple, pink)
4 booties and mittens (white, yellow, purple, pink)
2 white receiving blankets
1 dozen gauze lampin
2 baby hats

1 sterilizer
1 bottle warmer

baby grooming kit
baby medical kit

Precious Moments:
feeding bottle gift set
milk partitioner/container
bottle brush

baby bath tub

crib comforter
baby pillow and comforter set
pink towel set
yellow towel set
baby pillows
waterproof mat
baby harness
sleep positioner pillow (or whatever it’s called)

Oh. How I wish the real world is as simple as this. You make a list and you get what you need, what you want. Hehe, yup, I wish πŸ˜‰

Little tips on those who plan to register at Megamall:

1) Go straight to counter 36 on the baby department, beside that is the Gift Registry section – I asked several sales assistants where the baby registry is and 4 out of them were clueless.
2) Research and list what you need and ask the SA to show you different brands.Β  – Just so you wouldn’t forget any essentials as it can be overwhelming where to start. The baby section of SM is presented by brands. So consumers may pick what they see first, not knowing that there are other products of different brands on the farther shelves.
3) Go on a weekday to avoid the hustle and bustle of a family day — bumping into playing kids, busy SAs…