We all know how meeting the future sister-in-law can be pressuring. Girls tend to criticize — make that scrutinize — their fellow human race, especially when she is someone significant, i.e. going to be part of their family.

I actually never had that encounter.

JM’s sister, Concie, resides in the land of the Golden Bridge — San Francisco, California. I first met her December 2007 when she last visited Manila. The meeting was abrupt and the situation didn’t really call for a small chit chat — she had a few drinks already, was in a bar with friends and about to leave. It was a quick introduction, but she was all friendly and nice. I remember she commented on my hair 🙂 I guess I was just another girlfriend being introduced that time.

Today, she’s in Manila for another visit and in time to celebrate her birthday. The situation is all different. I am now the soon to be sister-in-law. And yet, there was no pressure whatsoever. Concie is just a year younger than me, she calls me “Ate” with a tone of respect. She’s talkative, friendly, perky and sweet.

My face & nose is getting big

at Duty Free (L-R: Nanay, Concie, Me)

delos Santos brothers

Lunch at Kenny Rogers

I look forward in getting to know her better… 🙂