Music is banned

… at least in our office. When I read the memo from our General Manager last weekend from home, I knew it would stir commotion and a lot of negative comments from my officemates. Well for one, I am not for it as well but then rules are rules, no choice but to follow.

So allow me to rant (that’s the only thing I can do anyways) as still, the bottom line is, rules are rules.

The image on the left is a result of a search from google. Apparently, there is a No Music Day… I wonder how the general public will react to it. It’s a good thing that Notice states only a day without music, ours is No Music (in the) Office everyday.

“Music is a distraction” — I can understand this statement… applicable for other departments. But in our line of work where we are in front of the computer 8 hours a day doing back office marketing activities, I can say music is a must. It’s not a matter of getting bored or nothing to do. The fact of the matter is, I use music to keep me focused on my work. I block the noise from the outside world so I can focus on the things I need to do. It’s not as if I listen to music and that’s all I do. Listen. Absolutely not. I can’t even imagine listening to music and just stare at the computer. Music alleviates emotions, it stimulates my brain, it allows me to even be more productive.

Why do we make babies listen to music? Why do people get relaxed while listening to music? Becuase they get disctracted? Same goes for my line of work. But then as I said rules are rules. As much as I’d like to rant, I somehow do understand that probably, for fairness sake, this rule is implemented for all departments…