Happy Spooky Halloween

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Messing around at National Bookstore, Robinsons Galleria.

It’s my last day in Manila as tomorrow, we’re headed to our province. Welcoming the rural life yet again for 3 days… so no internet whatsoever (not that it doesn’t exist there, it just doesn’t exist in our humble abode. hehe) 

Happy trick or treating everyone!

Concie’s 24th


It’s a Wednesday night and I’m out… well, not that kind of out. Haha. The only Wed night a.k.a ladies night that I can come close to is to celebrate Concie’s birthday.

Straight from the office, we headed to JM’s place passing by Red Ribbon to buy cakes and nearby party needs shop to get some balloons.

At home, the food was already prepared. The hungry preggy in me didn’t wait for the celebrant and dived right into eating. hehe :-p

Then we ararnged the ballons in the living and dining area

and when finally the bday celebrant arrived, I was the official paparazzi

time to sing and blow the cake

and of course take more pictures

Happy 24th Concie! 🙂

Unsolicited Advice


I’ve always heard how nakakainis unsolicited advices are. I never really understood that, until now. I wrote this entry below when I lost my cellphone. That was a year and 8 months ago. I was surprised to see a comment from a certain renecaparas just now…

First off, I don’t know the person. I have no idea who he is so I’m quite shocked with his lecturing. He may not have said something bad, but this is still pissing me off. I don’t know you for pete’s sake. You don’t have any idea who I am, what I believe in and how I live my life. You can’t just randomly tell people “you can buy another phone but you can not buy an ideology.” And duh. As if no one knows that. More

Diaper Bag WishList

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Baby Kaed Quilted Sanya Diaper Bag – Dusty Rose & Chocolate

I saw this baby bag at Rustan’s but didn’t have the heart to place it on my wishlist as it seems pricey for a diaper bag, around Php 6k. But now that I’ve looked around, even checked out my first option (baby couture line), I can’t seem to like anything but this!

Well, there’s that Louis Vuitton and Burberry diaper bags I previously posted, but those, as I’ve concluded are way out of this world. This is what comes close and I reallly like it. 

So why didn’t I place it on my wishlist? It’s just a wish anyways, it’s not like I’m pressuring people to buy it for me. Hmm maybe I can slip of Jm’s watch and go back for a quick list update? Or not. I’ve been very persistent and always dragging him along that I think another baby registry word that comes out of my mouth will send thunder to his nerves. haha. Oh well.

I’m raving. I want this. I hope Mr. Jorge of the registry stumbles on this blog and adds this to my list. Maybe adding it on my list will make my mouth shut. Hmmm… I can probably give him a call…

Personalized Credit Card!

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OMG how cool is this?

I’m such a photo lover, and being the sentimental person that I am, I like personalized stuff — this is just the card for me! checkout designmycard website to create your own.

As much as I’m excited to fill up an application form at this very moment, I am thinking of waiting for my baby — I want her pic on my card 🙂 which will remind me (as if I need a reminder) that most of my purchases from then on… from now on… are all for her. haha! 🙂

Coolness in the world! 🙂

Credit to the blog I chance upon just today chuvaness.livejournal.com (your daily fix of chuvaness eklavu. haha =p)

Meaning of Sachi

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The girl’s name Sachi \s(a)-chi\ is pronounced SAH-chee. It is of Japanese origin, and its meaning is “child of joy“.*

In my readings, the name Sachi also means blessed. In chinese, achi means big sister. So yup, definitely Sachi for our baby girl 🙂

*From: http://www.thinkbabynames.com

Name Dilemma

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Which is better?


With or without an “e”?
A human beings name is in my hands. She’ll forever be known by this and this will forever be her identity. I wanted no “e” at first, but figured putting an “e” in the end will make it more English-like rather than Japanese, but then now, I feel like Sachi with no “e” is better. Argh! HELP!

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