I was ready (somehow) to go back to work this week, Sept 22. It so happened that the SSS physician granted me 60 days of sick leave. Thus, I was told by our HR department that I cannot go back to work because I have to consume those 60 glorious days. Wow. That’s a change. It’s the employee who wants to go to work. Ha.

Thirty days of staying at home is quite draining, I wake up with nothing to do but watch tv, read books or surf the internet. The first few weeks were rather needed. Of course after the surgery, I needed all the time I can get for a successful recovery. After 30 days, I feel like I am fit to go back to work. My doctor advised at least 30 days of house arrest. I sure reached that mark.

The HR was all against me going back early as they work by the book, or so it seems with the new HR Director. But my Marketing Manager was all for the 30-day rest and we’ll-see-if-we-can-work-our-way-around-this (such a good feeling knowing you are needed and wanted in your job). And rightfully, I can already go back to work. The SSS cheque will be returned and all I need is a waiver and a medical certificate then I’m all set.

Now I’m kinda hesitant, with 4 rest days left, gone are my lazy days of sitting and lurking around. Goodness me, such a pregnant fickle-minded lady 😀