Divertimento in B-flat, Cassation, Divertimento in G-minor, String Quarter No.12 in B-flat… these are just several of the Mozart classics that I listen to each night.

Thanks to Ate Ayee, I now have this Mozart for Mothers-to-be on hand. I’ve been wanting to get a classical CD to listen to for my baby (as there are studies that showed this is helpful in the brain activity of baby — or something like that). And so my quest for other classical CD’s for tinkerbell-slash-tinkerboy 🙂

On my list:classsics

Baby Einstein: Lullaby Classics
Beethoven for Babies
Bach for Babies
… and other baby classic title

Post Script: Ate Janice lent me her baby classic CDs which my brother ripped and transferred to my iPod. I now have copy of Classical Babies: Baby Mozart and Baby Beethoven 😀