My happy 25th starts today.

Happy Birthday to me!
Make a Wish

I’m so a mom-to-be… Automatically, my wish is not for me but for my baby

There are so many reasons to celebrate life, especially mine, especially now. I wanted a celebration to send out a message that I am thankful for all the blessings He has given me.

And to top all that, as if I am not thankful enough with the blessings in my life, I am so grateful to all the people who attended my party. It’s a weekday which makes it more meaningful as friends and family really get out of their way and make an effort. Thank you. thank you

I’ve had several parties at home and it’s only know that I’ve actually had a theme. Noticed I matched it with our living room. haha. That is actually the real story behind it. Well, plus the fact that I love green nowadays. And that it signifies life, blessings and luck.

Such a well attended party thanks to:

1. My dayshift officemates who came straight from the office and nightshifters who woke up early to get to my place

2. My damuho family (and friendships) who I miss dearly. Especially the fun office hours spent with you guys

3. My titas from the province who traveled at least 8 hours (back and forth) just to attend to my so called party and actually wore shades of green! πŸ™‚

4. Villa family – Tita &Tito of course who’s always there, ate Janice, and baby Sophia for making the event sweet and cuddly

5. Lesley (and Raissa)
6. MC, Chris and Baby Alex

7. Michelle for knowing me too well to go to my party without knowing who she can talk to πŸ™‚
8. Tito Ding, Tita Yolly and the Alejandro’s (and the cakes they gave. hehe)

9. Marc Paul and Marvy who went to my party even without the “tropa” and stayed late
10. Trina, her happy singing friends and her Pesto (which Im sure I’ll never hear the end of it ;-p)

11. Kim, Pong, Rob (and Sheng) for making me & mother laugh with their stories and making the party last til the last minute of September 15

12. Ate Carmen, Manang, Manong & Kuya Norman for doing all the dirty work in the kitchen
13. Flabsy who bought a lot of Pomelos (plus so much more) and graced the event at 11pm (LOL)
14. Momsie who went to Manila just to make this celebration possible. She’s my superwoman. I love you mother dear

15. HunnyPwet for always making me happy

To my friends who texted, emailed, posted, messaged their greetings, thank you. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

I am looking forward to this wonderful year ahead!