I didn’t want to travel far so I paid a visit to the new hospital within my home’s vicinity, Marikina Valley Medical Center. I had high hopes that I could at least have someone get my baby’s heartbeat.

I wanted to have an ultrasound, so I went to the Radiology station where apparently ultrasounds are done. There is one doctor but said she couldn’t accommodate me anymore and that the next schedule is at 5pm. Plus, I need a doctor’s request.

So I then figured I better go to an Intellicare accredited doctor to at least have my baby’s heartbeart heard. Luckily there was no line in the HMO clinic, but unfortunately, it seems like there were no available doctors. When I was given one, I went to the 5th floor reception area. It turned out that the doctor is on vacation until December (wow, my initial thought is — Doesn’t she have patients who needs supervision, or patients who will give birth in a span of 4 months?) Then more calls from the reception area to the HMO clinic as there were no available doctors. After a few minutes, they asked me to go to the 4th floor, no doctor still, so I was asked to go to the 3rd floor. Finally, there was one available but will arrive at 3:30pm.

And so I was there already, there was no point of going home. I wanted to hear my baby’s heartbeat. Plus, my sister is confined there so I can actually stay at her room to wait at least a little comfortably, and of course to visit. (Mind you, I look even more sick than she is. haha)

When I finally got to the doctor’s clinic – I’d rather not mention names – She’s nice and accomodating anyways. Rather old, as compared to my doctor at Medical City. I told her the situation and said I wanted to have an ultrasound and hear my baby’s heartbeat. She asked several questions and started computing my due date — which was all wrong. She seems absent-minded. When she asked me to lie down, I thought she’d get my baby’s heartbeat. But no, all she did was to measure my tummy with a tape measure. Um… that was unusual. I never had that in any of my visits at The Medical City.

Then I asked if I can hear my baby’s heartbeat. She said that it is too small to be heard by a stethoscope (I am assuming that’s all she got?) and almost murmured that she’s not even sure if it can be heard by doppler. Since she was rather old, I was just nodding as a sign of respect. I don’t know how to make it more clear that I want to hear my baby’s heartbeat. If I only knew that what my Medical City doctor has been using to detect my baby’s heartbeat is doppler, I would have said something. I didn’t, so I let it pass when I heard her mentioned the word.

In my mind, I was so disappointed as I am already in my 18th week and she’s all for the too-small-to-be-heard. She didn’t even try even if she only has stethoscope as her instrument. And my gosh, the fact is, my Med City doctor has been using that doppler instrument weeks and weeks ago to hear my baby’s heartbeat!

I am so disappointed. So I finally left the clinic with a request for ultrasound on hand. (Oh. the doctor wanted a TV done, I said Transabdominal. Gosh, I’m already on my second trimester doc!)

Okay, so since I was told earlier at the Radiology section that the next ultrasound session is at 5pm, I waited again. Come 4:45pm, I was all ready to have an ultrasound when they said that the doctor has an emergency C-section and that she couldn’t arrive. WOW. What a hospital. No doctor to do an ultrasound? What if I’ve been waiting from 1pm to 5pm (which was actually my case, but I had a sister to visit so I wasn’t really waiting in vain), but the point is, they could actually make a pregnant patient wait for 4 hours and do nothing after!

This is a 1-star hospital for me. It is a new hospital and I was expecting good quality service from nurses to doctors. Didn’t work for me.