5 lbs!

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In a month, I gained 5 lbs! woohoo! with my history, this is such an achievement. I guess this means that baby is nourished… growing. I just wish the fats won’t all get into my thighs 😀

First Day Back

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How I spent my first day back at work…

Today is my first day back at work. After a month and a week away from work, I’ve been refreshed. The space you get from work gets you all psyched up all over again. That’s one thing good that comes up after a long vacation. You get to be excited to work again. What used to be an everyday nagging thing became something that I look forward to again.

In the morning, I was greeted by several officemates looking generally happy to see me. When my Manila based boss saw me, he gave out quite a loud remark “Arlene, you’re here! what a pleasant surprise!” and after several minutes, he was in our area saying how happy he is that I am back. (Coz that means the burden of my work is lifted from him. hehehe)

I expected my day to be uber busy. but i guess becuase it’s a Monday, there was not much to do. I spent almost half my day cleaning my inbox, and half of my day finishing requests passed on by my partner Jed. My US bosses were kind enough to not CC me on the previous requests though it falls on my responsibility, I figure it’s their way of showing support on my rest days.

Come lunch, we headed to Shangri-la to sip my hot lugaw from Goto-King. It didn’t disappoint me. The hot soup with soft bits of rice is just right. I then bought siomai from hen lin for Bong and several chips for Jed as a thank you for taking care of my responsibilities while I was out.

By 4pm, I was already packing my things. The day went fairly well, I’m happy to be back. I sure hope I don’t get bombarded with emails tomorrow 🙂

“Benediction Papalis”

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Papal Blessing

Browsing the W@W website, I chance upon the current news blog, “Papal Blessing for Your Wedding!” It caught my attention as of course, it would be a privilege to have the Pope’s blessing on your most important day. I’d have to ask our ceremony parish if I can get it through them, it would be significant to have one during our ceremony.

Photo courtesy of Dino Lara, lifted from Weddings@Work website

Preggy Wardrobe 101

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May 3, 2008 – Apparently, during this time was the conception 😀 Probably my last “me-only” photo.
This was taken during the Make Your Own Havaianas at the Rockwell tent. My tube top is from Mango which I originally bought for my 4th year graduation party. My slim black jeans is from Dorothy Perkins, gold sandals from VNC, gold necklace from Kamiseta (or was that Bayo?)

May 30, 2008 – Sex and the City day with my BFC. This picture is taken at Rockwell resto for our after movie dinner. I forgot the resto’s name! During this time, I was having a bad case of diarrhea, stomach rumbling. (Now looking back, did it have anything to do with the conception?) My white sleeveless top and purple top are from a shop in the US, white cardigan jacket from Mango, Black bermuda shorts from Plains and Prints, and my orange headband from Girl Shoppe.

June 16, 2008 – Taken at Disneyland Hong Kong! Gosh. All the walking we did , I had no idea I was already carrying my baby. My green dress is from Robinsons department store if I’m not mistaken. My shades is from Mango and my heart necklace is purchased from my visit in the US.

July 3, 2008 (9th week, 2 days) – Hunny Pwet’s birthday. Taken during his birthday lunch treat at Krocodile Shangri-la. My green top is from the US, which I sometimes use as a dress as well. Black slacks from Maldita, shoes from Hong Kong night market, and bag from Mango purchased at San Francisco.

July 19, 2008 (11th week, 4 days) – Taken during Donna Andrada’s birthday celebration at Filinvest II in Batasan. My bronze dress is from a bazaar at Eastwood and my earrings from Aldo (a pasalubong from Pong).

July 20, 2008 (11th week, 5 days) – Alexa’s pink & white birthday party at Bounce, Inflatables. Time flies so fast! MC’s baby is now one-year old. My white top is from plains & prints, pink bolero from Mango and ribbon necklace from US.

August 2008 – not much photo worth posting because this is my surgery month. Didn’t really go out, spent my time at home to speed up my recovery.

September 6, 2008 (18th week, 4 days) – Taken at Pampanga during our visit at Don Pangan’s place. I was wearing a blue top bought at Greenhills Theatre Mall (where Folded and Hung used to be located). My leggings is from a stall in Greenhills as well and my shades from Bvlgari.

September 14, 2008 (19th week, 5 days) – This was taken at the Glass Garden during our food tasting with Auffrance catering. My top is from Gingersnaps, my yellow jumper dress is from Kamiseta, LV bag, and my shoes a gift from my sister.

September 15, 2008 (19th week, 6 days) – My 25th birthday celebrated at our house 🙂 My sheer dress is a Ralph Lauren, white tube top from Robinsons department store, green high heels from VNC.

September 21, 2008 (20th week, 5 days) – Shopping at Dapitan. Ohh I love the trinkets, boxes, ribbons and Christmas decorations! I bought rattan style boxes for my scrapbook. I need more! 🙂 My blue dress is a pasalubong from Concie, black stud slippers from Alberto, and my purple bag from Lacoste.

Back to work… not just yet

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I was ready (somehow) to go back to work this week, Sept 22. It so happened that the SSS physician granted me 60 days of sick leave. Thus, I was told by our HR department that I cannot go back to work because I have to consume those 60 glorious days. Wow. That’s a change. It’s the employee who wants to go to work. Ha.

Thirty days of staying at home is quite draining, I wake up with nothing to do but watch tv, read books or surf the internet. The first few weeks were rather needed. Of course after the surgery, I needed all the time I can get for a successful recovery. After 30 days, I feel like I am fit to go back to work. My doctor advised at least 30 days of house arrest. I sure reached that mark. More


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I am so bummed that I cannot place this baby countdown widget here at WordPress. Makes me feel like shifting to another blog host. But then I’ve started with this already, I don’t want to maintain 2 blogs. Argh!

This countdown ticker is cute, not in a fancy cutesy way but in an elegant cute way. The baby is supposedly moving inside the bubble, but of course, it can’t be seen here as I only saved it as an image. Bummer. Oh Well…

Tinkerbell is Flying…

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So to speak. I can feel movements in my tummy.

I started to feel my baby during my 4th month, but I really couldn’t distinguish it from a mere rumbling of my stomach or is it really my baby. But I feel like it is. The movement, as I’m expecting is not a push upwards but a tumbling motion. And up until the end of my 4th month, it sure is baby!

Last Sunday, Sept 21, the kicking started to be aggressive and hard — I can see my belly pushing upwards! And so can my hun! Wow! Such a wonderful indescribable feeling 😀

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