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This is (as of now not yet finalized, but 80%) where the most important event of my life will happen 🙂


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July 31

Argh! I can barely stand up, I’ve been awake since the wee hours of the morning, I’ve puked several times and I still don’t feel better.

What a challenge this is.

Hail, My Speedy Damier Canvas 30

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I finally got my LV Speedy! woohoo! I’m so excited and happy 🙂

Is it so obvious that I’m all smiles? 🙂

When I got it, the first thing I noticed was the stitch on top of the bag near the zipper, it wasn’t a straight line! Then i noticed the red cowhide lining, both stitches on the left and right side are nowhere near perfect. It bothered me so much that I have to go all the way back to Greenbelt to ask. The SA said that it is perfectly normal. I checked the lining of Damier Azur on display and saw how unorganized it is as well. Well, I have eye for details, and with bags as expensive as this, It’s just normal I guess to expect perfection.

The other thing that bothered me is the number of stitches on the tab that connects the handle from the body. Mine has 6 stitches, and checking the Damier Speedy at LV site, there are only 5 stitches! I usually read from articles and blogs that the stitches are always the same for all models and that LV is very particluar with their stitches. Fortunately, I found blogs that said that their Speedy Damier also have 6 stitches on the tab and that for the Damier Canvas, real ones have 6 stitches. (whew!) I guess its because it has a cowhide leather and requires fine stitches than the other Speedy models.

In my multitude of searches regarding the Speedy, I find the date codes interesting. From the date code, you’ll see where and when your bag was made. Apparently, LVs born in 1990 and years prior to that have different date code deciphering method than those born from 2007 onwards. I found out that mine is really really new, made on the 23rd week of 2008 in Paris… and I got it on around the 27th week here in the Philippines.

More info on PurseBlog for DateCodes (way helpful!): Date Code Information

Regardless of all the stress and the imperfections in my expected perfect Speedy, I’m happy with it and I’m planning to use it real often. Looove it!

Let’s sit back and relax

Excited with my Speedy

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I’m finally getting my order tomorrow. My first LV! I am super excited. I have an LV passed on by my mom so I really don’t consider that as my very own. I never thought I would make a bag purchase this expensive using my own money at this point in time. My first glimpse of the Speedy Damier is at Greenhills. How ironic that amidst those fake bags in the bazaar section, I found the bag I would fall in love with inside Shoppesville. When I got the bag from the shelf, opened its gleaming red interior, I instantly fell in LVoe with it. Seeing how I really want it and in his words how “bagay” it looks on me, my hunny promised it as a birthday gift. From then on, we would always nudge each other whenever we see someone carrying a Speedy. Which is really common by the way if you go to malls such as Rockwell, Shangri-la and Greenbelt. I actually don’t care if its common. What is the relevenace of it being common if I don’t even have it. We even went as far as placing an order at LV Greenbelt — but unexpected things happen. There are far more important things to prioritize than this. With the new blessing that He gave us, owning this Speedy is at the end of our list.

So now, it’s such a surprise that tomorrow, I’ll be getting my Speedy.

I can’t wait.

LV Speedy 30

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There’s only one LV I want, and its the Speedy Damier Canvas.


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I got the biggest surprise of all!

I’m not so quite ready to broadcast it yet so I’ll give full details when the time is right =)