All so sudden and surprising. There was a restructuring of the whole category marketing — to which I have closely bonded with. I used to be part of category marketing, handling camera & camcorder category. Being part of the team, I was shocked with the news of re-structuring and some managers leaving the company. Wow. It didn’t occur, even for a second that there will be drastic changes like this.

Now, I can’t help but wonder, how would this have affected my position if I am still with category marketing?

In that light, although it saddens me, I think it’s actually better now. Not because of the people who left or those who stayed, but because it shows that the organization is focused on its goal, takes action, and clearly offers a stronger career path by recognizing employees who are doing well.

Now I feel like I’m in the real world — the corporate world where people get fired, retrenchment happening, restructuring and realigning of structure — what used to be just a context in my management books has now become a reality.