I couldn’t understand the craze for havaianas. Why do people buy expensive pair of rubber slippers when they could get a decent one for less than 200 bucks? I didn’t understand until I got my own. There’s nothing really spectacular about it, but its like buying a MAC, once you get one, you crave for more. Especially now that they have widened the variety of colors, types and styles to choose from.

And so I didn’t let the chance of making my own customized pair pass by. I scheduled going to Rockwell tent where the MYOH (Make Your Own Havaianas) is located. And expectedly, I wasn’t the only one. Hundreds of people were inside, as if this is the last havaianas sale of the century. Since it was raining and the venue is full, the guard wouldn’t let us walk towards the tent. A few of us insisted and braved the rain… when we reached the entrance, they really wouldn’t let anyone in. There was a big “closed” sign plastered on the door. And once we saw the swarm of people inside… gosh, never mind. The customized pair is not for us.

After several hours in the mall, I took the chance of checking the venue again. I didn’t expect that we could come in! There were still a lot of people but the queue wasn’t long. In less than an hour, I have a customized pair that I can call my own! πŸ™‚

My customized havaianas

Choosing my sole and strapΒ 

We got the perfect pair πŸ™‚
[Sorry, Im not sure how to rotate pics here :-p]