Sex and the City: the movie

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Friday, May 30, 5:10pm, Power Plant Mall —

No questions asked, I’m going to watch this movie with my bestest friends.

The movie is at 5:10pm, at 4:30 I was still trying to hail a cab. Luckily, the cab driver knew the outskirts and we didn’t have to brave the EDSA traffic.

In short, I got to the mall in time for the movie.

Tot tot toroot. tot tot toroot. torororot. torot. tororororot.

The Movie —

As always, its fun seeing the 4 girls together doing their deeds. Oh how i missed them! Carrie in her runway clothes, her quest for Big, and her oh-so-familiar narration; Charlotte being a hopeless romantic and her optimistic views; Miranda struggling to juggle her professional and social life; and of course, Samantha and her all time favorite topic, sex.

It’s a little hard to concentrate on the film when I keep on noticing their clothes and the way they look now compared to the series. But one of my unforgettable scene was when Carrie threw her bridal flower at Big, hugged Charlotte real tight and Charlotte cursing big for doing what he did to Carrie. I felt like crying, so close to tears. The scene was just full of emotions. But then unconsciously, I realized I was at a movie house, so instead of feeling that emotion, I just started laughing.

Absolute Deals for your Mac!

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When you’re in love, people notice.

Blooming? I never thought I am at this current state — got dark pimple marks, small acnes and not so comfortable with my body coz I’m getting fat. I can barely wear my clothes.

But when I countered their remarks, they took it back. Ok well then, I guess I really have to learn to accept positive remarks with grace 🙂


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a severe headache or a disagreeable physical effects caused by drinking an excess of alcohol

What used to be my lifestyle has become a once in a while event. I used to go out every weekend, sometimes even twice or thrice a week. I couldn’t stand staying home. I always want to go out. Now, its different. I don’t really have the urge to go out and party all night.

After this night, Saturday — May 24, 2008 — I almost forgot how fun dancing and drinking is! Well, the feeling after made me realize why lately, I never really had the urge. It was the worst feeling ever. Puking from the car, at home, the moment I woke up, the killer headache, the dizziness, the rumbling of the stomach, the sick feeling. Argh!

But nevertheless, I had a blast. Got so numbed that i didn’t even feel the pain of my high heels. Thanks my girls for a fun night!

My Pasalubong

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It’s the simple things that matter

Not exactly a straight out pasalubong for me — but it ended up in my hands. Thanks Pwet! =)

How cool is this? A credit card sized USB Flash card with a cool leather wallet flap

I couldn’t find any picture on the internet as it is no longer available,
but yup, he picked this one especially for me. I like planners and he knows it! =)

Chicken & Peaches Forever

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Reorganization of Category Marketing

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All so sudden and surprising. There was a restructuring of the whole category marketing — to which I have closely bonded with. I used to be part of category marketing, handling camera & camcorder category. Being part of the team, I was shocked with the news of re-structuring and some managers leaving the company. Wow. It didn’t occur, even for a second that there will be drastic changes like this.

Now, I can’t help but wonder, how would this have affected my position if I am still with category marketing?

In that light, although it saddens me, I think it’s actually better now. Not because of the people who left or those who stayed, but because it shows that the organization is focused on its goal, takes action, and clearly offers a stronger career path by recognizing employees who are doing well.

Now I feel like I’m in the real world — the corporate world where people get fired, retrenchment happening, restructuring and realigning of structure — what used to be just a context in my management books has now become a reality.

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