This is where I want to be

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This may not be what I’m used to
the dark street of an alley
uncomfortable and uneasy
glances and stares
in a crowd of uncertainty
long unwinding walks
gray areas
reflect in eyes of many
the vibrant color
I see
I don’t want to be anywhere
but right at this alley
where you will be

Spotted… xoxo

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It’s just a matter of time that someone sees us… and when that happens it is a no brainer that indeed our actions speak of a confirmation. 

Spotted, 11am Shangrila

Yep, It is what it is 😉


Nokia e61i shortcuts

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With my Nokia e61i QWERTY keyboards, I’m still not used to typing messages, going back and forth the icons and categories of the big screen using the arrow keys. Good thing Nokia created shortcuts. The most important and useful for me is turning the bluetooth on and off.

Here is a compilation of Nokia e61i shortcuts that may be helpful to e61i owners like me 🙂 These are all actually found in the manual. Funny that I searched it over the net first. I’m guessing most of you are doing so as well. Just goes to show that our generation has been relying too much on the internet rather than the traditional manual reading.

Hold Blue arrow up + Ctrl = Turn bluetooth on and off
Hold Blue arrow up + Chr = Turn infrared on and off
Hold Menu button = Switch between all open applications
Hold # = Switch between general and silent profiles
Hold 1 = Call your voice mailbox

Shortcut in Messaging application:

Hold shift key + scroll left and right = To select text
Ctrl + C = Copy
Ctrl + X = Cut
Ctrl + V = Paste
Ctrl + I = Italics
Ctrl + B = Bold

Cellphone Galore

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The world has evolved into a fast-paced, instant lifestyle. A lot of things are getting more convenient, through a click of a button, you’d get instant meals, instant messages, instant information. I remember the days when you are considered rich with the mere possession of a cellphone, cream of the crop if you’re carrying a laptop.

I remember getting my first ever cellular phone. It’s a Nokia 5110. That was year 2002. From then on, I couldn’t imagine a more convenient life without a cellphone.

Fond memories of the cellphones I owned:

Nokia 5110 – I can’t remember how much money I wasted buying housing and cases.


I learned my lesson – World Pyro Olympics Schedule

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Well, good thing I learned my lesson. The 2008 World Pyro Olympics schedule changed again. The new schedule as stated at their website is every Saturday night starting May 1 to 31.