Once in awhile, a person has to feel pampered and served. For some, it may be a way of living, part of their lifestyle or simply a habit. For me, its nothing but a stress reliever and a relaxing moment I want to share with a special someone. Until I got my first taste of it, and now I feel addicted.


Its the whole experience, from searching the net of the best spots in the metro to reading blogs and forum of the best deals and service. I can’t pinpoint exactly why now, everytime I see spas, I want to come in and try their services. Maybe its the smell… So soothing and relaxing? The ambiance which is so peaceful and serene? The friendly & courteous staff? The massage itself to which your bones crack, your body relieved from tensions & muscle pains… Perhaps I’m loving it because of all these different aspects. The excitement of going in to a new place, feel the relaxing ambiance, matched with a soothing smell and a music to match the mood, the relief you feel after the massage… Makes you want to come back for more.

I have tried Neo Spa at the Fort, which is the most recent and so far what I consider my first Spa. As I said, im not really a fan of it, but I remember trying City Lifestyle at Tomas Morato back in college. Now, I feel the need for it and the feeling of rewarding yourself after a day’s work makes going to a Spa even more worth it.