Loving stars and fireworks, I’ve planned this trip weeks ahead. Only to find out that after hours in traffic, there was no show. The Pyro-Olympics this year apparently doesn’t have a definite date yet. Damn that site where I found the sched complete with competing countries. But i admit, its my bad not checking the site again for confirmation. No wonder traffic was simply bad, not hell-so-bad… Coz there was nothing. Argh. So we strolled in the mall, going in and out of the department store, checking out specialty stores… After 3 hours of non stop walking, luckily we found a relaxing activity that our tired screaming feet needs… Foot massage and foot spa.

We were so tired that there’s no perfect time but at this very moment (I’m having my foot spa and pedicure at this moment Im writing this). He’s having foot reflexology which I hope he is enjoying coz his eyes are closed right now. Oh.. My feet are really tired and full of red marks.. Scrubbing feels uncomfy as scratching is hard.. But thats the way it should be. Just imagine the dead tired cells thats coming off. Haha! And finally, my long overdue pedicure is finally happening. I just wish I can catch the fireworks of Mall of Asia. After all, fireworks are fireworks, better than nothing. But it seems like I wont, coz its 5 mins to 7 and cleaning is done only with my left foot.


Post MOA Day – I did catch the firework! As the masseur was starting to massage my right foot, I heard a loud bang… I jolted and ask if that was the fireworks already. They said yes. I was having double thoughts in going out of the shop to check it out, that would be embarrassing since this is just the normal 3-minute show that they regularly have during Fridays and Saturdays. But I came all the way here to catch fireworks, and even if this is nothing compared to the Pyro Olympics, I still want to check it out. When they said that you can only see the top portion of the fireworks, what the heck, embarrassing or not, I asked for a short break – stop the massage and pedicure – and went outside to see the fireworks. To top that, I recorded it in video. After all, its an interesting story to tell.