iPod Touch for Free!

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Nope. I am not advertising nor trying to sell you something for you to get an iPod touch. I am actually telling you that I got one for free! :-p Well, technically its free, but in reality this entailed a lot of hardwork, hours in the office, some headaches and gruesome work. But all that is really just a part of a day’s work. Being #1 in reaching the revenue stretch goal feels good… even better with an iPod touch on hand! 🙂 More


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How do you lock a pedestal without using the key? Impossible.

Everything is Possible. Yes Indeed. But in circumstances like this, its better to let things as it is and not delve into the fact that some unforeseen forces of nature has come upon my pedestal and locked itself on its own.

At 645am, I unlocked my pedestal and placed my key on the topmost drawer like I always do. Closed all drawers and started burying myself at work. In the middle of all the emails, I had to get some files from my pedestal. **CHING** I couldn’t open it. Some pulling and tugging. The pedestal is locked. More pulling and tugging. It is really locked. Hmmm. I wonder. Did I absent-mindedly locked it again? So I searched for my keys. After all, I can’t lock it without my keys. Searched – up. above. below. under. – removed all the things in my bag, turned it upside down. Keys are nowhere to be found. I am sure I placed it inside the drawer of the pedestal. HOW CAN I POSSIBLY LOCK IT? Even my head turned upside down thinking whatever happened to this locked pedestal and my keys. After awhile, I got a hold of the duplicate key from the HR department. It took awhile coz the “duplicate keeper” was late and was busy early on.

And so I was anticipating this moment… when I’ll open my pedestal and see the key inside. And guess what??? THE KEY IS INSIDE!!! whatdaf**** HOW IN THE FREAKING WORLD DID THAT HAPPEN?

When it Rains it Pours

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You never really know what surprises tomorrow may bring. One day you’re thinking of leaving your job, the next you are enjoying every minute of it. Whatever happened to my foreseen dilemma? Gone with the wind. I was given new responsibilities, new position, new title with the same great bosses, nice friendly officemates and best of all I am in my “comfort zone”… and as if things weren’t going pretty well, I got another news this morning that I’m given the largest “account” for brand managers. Last week I was the first manager in the Philippines, this week I have the biggest account. Ain’t that such a blessing? And this I didn’t ask. I never really asked. They all just came. So yeah, when it rains, it pours. Now its up to me to let the sun shine in 🙂

A Day at SM Mall of Asia

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Loving stars and fireworks, I’ve planned this trip weeks ahead. Only to find out that after hours in traffic, there was no show. The Pyro-Olympics this year apparently doesn’t have a definite date yet. Damn that site where I found the sched complete with competing countries. But i admit, its my bad not checking the site again for confirmation. No wonder traffic was simply bad, not hell-so-bad… Coz there was nothing. Argh. So we strolled in the mall, going in and out of the department store, checking out specialty stores… After 3 hours of non stop walking, luckily we found a relaxing activity that our tired screaming feet needs… Foot massage and foot spa.


Spa Experience

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Once in awhile, a person has to feel pampered and served. For some, it may be a way of living, part of their lifestyle or simply a habit. For me, its nothing but a stress reliever and a relaxing moment I want to share with a special someone. Until I got my first taste of it, and now I feel addicted.


Happy 1st Month!



What better way to spend a month-long relationship than to have a relaxing day at a Spa. After a 5-day time-consuming-loads-of-research afternoon on which Spa is best to try first, we decided to go for Neo Spa at the Fort.


It is written on the stars

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I know when my fascination for horoscope started. It was when the chain of not-so-happy memorable events happened and my horoscope says it all. My horoscope holds true as I back track, not a tool to guide me in the future.

As I struggle in my foreseen dilemma, I opted to check out what’s written on the stars, hoping that somehow, I’ll dig up a sign.

Career Horoscope – The year 2008 brings along enough opportunities for the Virgo people to move further in their career. New venture, promotions as well as new projects are in line for the people born under this zodiac sign for the coming year. Keep your energy levels high and by the end of the year end, you would be amazed at your success level. Only one thing needs to be kept in mind; nothing is going to happen on its own, you will have to work hard for it and achieve your goals.

I didn’t settle for just one horoscope, I checked another…

Keynotes for Virgo Horoscope Forecast for 2008: “A busy year with good progress at work and for career prospects. Love and romance are also well starred this year.”

Isn’t that just perfect? I didn’t get a clear good sign, but seeing the words new venture, career prospects, move further in their career… I just got a feeling, the stars has it all lined up.

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